Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Hello lovely! I was going through my skincare products and saw this little empty tub sitting in a box. I remember I had placed it there a while ago as a reminder to write about it on my blog. So today I will be writing about the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I had purchased this during one of Priceline's 40% sales instead of paying the full price of $24.99. 

This product claims to continuously release moisture into the skin for a full 24 hours. As I have not gone 24 hours without cleansing my face I can't say whether or not this is true. I usually cleanse my face in the morning and at night, then moisturise afterwards on both occasions. My skin type is combination, sensitive and prone to breakouts. This product most definitely kept my skin feeling smooth and healthy. The texture is thin without being runny and glides smoothly onto the skin. The first time I tried this I did feel a slight stinging on my face, which isn't too unusual as my face is quite sensitive as I mentioned before. Though every use after that I didn't feel any stinging, just nice smooth skin. The product sinks in super quick without feeling dry afterwards. 

Since finishing the 50g tub I have been trying different moisturisers that I quite like. Though I think I will pick up another one of these when Priceline has another sale. Overall, I really liked the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and would recommend it to friends and readers. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Head Injections - NDPH Update

Today I decided to write about my experience with head injections in an attempt to get rid of my never-ending headache. If you haven't already read my previous posts about living with New Daily Persistent Headache then this probably won't make any sense. You can read all of my updates to follow up (if interested) in the 'NDPH - Headache' category. 

Last week I went to the hospital to try headache injections (that I originally thought were neck injections) in an attempt to block any feeling. It was the weirdest feeling afterwards because the back of my head was completely numb but I could still feel my headache prominently. My dad and amazing friend Emma came with me to the appointment, which I was quite nervous for. I've never really liked needles or tubes or anything like that, so the thought of having needles injected in either my neck or head really freaked me out. I had to go into the actual procedure myself but the nurses were lovely so I relaxed a bit before everything started. 

First they asked me to lie faced down tilting my head slightly to one side. They then parted my hair where the injection would go before wiping it down with alcohol to clean the area. A very generous amount of gel was applied in the area, creating a lovely mess for me to wash out later. The local and steroids were then injected into the back of my head. I'd love to say that it just felt like a small pin prick but I'd be lying. The injection hurt. It hurt more than i even thought it would so I was dreading doing the other side. But of course I had to do it anyway, so once again they split my hair on the right this time, wiped it down with alcohol then applied that annoying gel. The right side hurt even more. I also vividly remember my nose burning when the nurse placed the cotton pad with alcohol on it right next to my nose. 

After the procedure was finished the back of my head was beyond numb. My head was exactly the same but they said it would take a bit of time. A week they said but I've read that it could take a month. I still have my hopes up as this headache is really driving me insane. 

When the local anaesthetic wore off the back of my head felt quite bruised and sore, though now it feels all normal again. So hopefully this begins having some sort of effect soon!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque

Hello lovely :) today I'm back with a review of the Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque. My sister gave this to me for Christmas in a nice gift pack with a cleanser and moisturiser. Although I use and love all three products, I thought I would write about the clay masque specifically. 

"A clay based masque infused with kale, spirulina and parsley to promote a clean, healthy and glowing complexion."

After reading what was in it I expected the clay masque to have a very distinct herb scent. However, it actually smells very pleasant and is more on the sweet side. I really like the texture of this masque as it is on the slightly thicker side without feeling overly heavy. I usually cleanse, pat dry then apply an even layer of product all over my face. The drying time is approximately 15 minutes, but occasionally I'll leave it on for longer while doing something else. Afterwards I rinse it off then pat dry again, leaving my skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth. My combination skin can be quite sensitive and prone to break outs so I get anxious trying new products, but so far I have never had a bad reaction to this. 

"Kale, spirulina, parsley and chlorella offer a super green blend of detoxifying antioxidants and vitamins to promote healthy, youthful skin. Avocado and baobab lock in moisture while goji berry encourages a dewy complexion."

This products claims to have:
" - No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
   - No Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
   - No Synthetic Fragrances 
   - No Harsh Detergents 
   - No Artificial Colours
   - No Mineral Oils
   - No Parabens
   - No Animal Derivatives 
   - No Triethanolamine
   - No Propylene Glycol
   - No EDTA"

The brand Sukin is Australian owned and made and 100% vegan. Even though I'm not personally a vegan I thought I would let you know anyway. I will definitely purchase this when I run out of my current tub. I know you can get this Priceline. 

Let me know if you enjoy these posts!

Currently Loving ♥

Hello lovely, today I felt like writing about some of the things I've been currently loving, which includes the delicious peppermint spearmint tea I'm sipping on. I've definitely had lot's of inspiration to write and that means more blog posts! Some of these things that I've been loving are new to me and some of them I've always liked but knew I loved enough to include it in this post!

Okay, so I'll begin with my favourite blog that I've been following for a very long time. Love, Catherine written by the gorgeous Catherine is a blog all about beauty, as well as hair, baking and life posts too. Her blog has everything that's pretty and pink! Not only is her blog beautiful, but her content is helpful and very enjoyable to read. If you haven't already you should most definitely check out her blog. I think you'll love her monthly photo diaries just as much as I do!

My favourite band has for several years been OneRepublic. There are so many bands that I like a few songs from, but OneRepublic is the only band that I like pretty much every song. I've been listening to their new album Oh My My recently and I have to say that I wasn't into every song. But the ones that I did like I loved! These include Future Looks Good, Colours, A.I, Better, and NbHD. But I still like their first three albums better!

Going To The Gym
I absolutely love working out if I enjoy what I'm doing. I'm used to training 3 times a week and when my sisters and I stopped I felt my fitness declining, that's why mum and I got a membership at the gym instead! I like to go around 5 times a week and vary my workout. I tend to do full body every time though even if I focus a little more on something in particular. I can feel that I'm regaining my strength after training began going downhill. So I'm glad we decided to go to the gym instead as I can go as many times a week as I want and I'm in charge of what I'm doing. :D

Okay so this is an app I found a while ago but forgot about and deleted it when I thought I didn't want it anymore. Just recently I re-downloaded it and oh my god I'm obsessed! It's so fun and makes everything so much cuter! If you haven't heard of it before, it's an app that lets you create your own personal emoji character. You can customise everything from the shape of their face, eyes, hair, noise, dimples and even wrinkles! Dress it up in your favourite outfits too! I love using it on Snapchat!

If you haven't heard of this yet, Skam is a Norwegian web series about teenagers in Norway. This is the only series that I'm currently obsessed with and it's great for me as I'm picking back my Norwegian even if it is slowly. The only thing is that it is in Norwegian and I ahven't found any English subtitles yet so it may not interest some of you. But still I had to put Skam in this post as it is absolutely one of the things I'm currently loving!

Alrighty, so those are the things I'm loving currently. I actually really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I will definitely be doing more of these. xx

My Eventful November || Graduating High School!

Hello lovely! It's been over a month since I last posted on my blog and I started to really miss it! I've had so many urges to sit down and write a good post but between everything going on I just couldn't get myself to write something I actually wanted to share. I have several drafts saved that are half done and I never got around to finishing them because I didn't actually like what I had written in the first place. 

So anyways, November for me this year has been incredibly eventful. Of course I've had my usual appointments, and I'm also towards the end of my trial and error medication, which unfortunately hasn't worked again (read my previous headache post to know more about this). Also during this time I was crammed with my final exams and assessments and sorting things out for formal. And now I have finally graduated high school! And yes I know this is only just the beginning, and I'm really excited about starting new things. Our formal was a blast, everyone looked gorgeous and it was definitely a great way to finish. 

I was going to upload the photos from the night but I didn't know if some people would rather if I didn't, so I'm just sharing a couple of my friends and I.

I won't go into all the details but I thought I would very quickly share with you how stressful getting the makeup sorted was. So originally I had booked my makeup with Benefit Cosmetics, I got there and everything was good to go. I already had my hair done so I didn't actually have all that much time to get to the pre formal. Anyways, the lady is all nice and while she does my makeup she tells me what she's doing and it sounds exactly like what I was wanting. She said she would show me at the end so that it took less time but I peaked in the reflection of my phone and that's when I freaked out. While she left quickly to grab whatever she went to get, I picked up the mirror and looked closer at the makeup and oh my god it was terrible. I knew right then that there was no way I was going to formal with that makeup but I didn't know what to do. I was sitting there really stressed as I was running out of time and knew I was going to remove it and do it myself. But I just couldn't get myself to say anything to her. A few minutes later I decided to just do it and let her know as nicely as I could that the makeup just wasn't what I was hoping for. She kept persisting that she could change the style but I knew it would look the same, as in the foundation looked like she had packed on that powdery looking cheese that comes in those Mac&Cheese things. I was as nice as I could be about it though and I felt so so bad. But after getting home and quickly doing my own makeup I went and got there nearly on time with a face that I didn't feel like crying in. So everything worked out in the end! Even though my makeup didn't last perfectly the whole night as that wasn't really the main thing for me. 

Okay, so I guess reading that back November doesn't sound all that eventful, but it definitely felt pretty hectic. Now I have the longest holiday ever so I'll be back to blogging! I've also got a new job over this Christmas break and it's great, I'm hoping I'll get to stay on after Christmas break is over. Please let me know in the comments what posts you would like to see, would you like more beauty related posts, hair, lifestyle, a day in the life type posts? I know I'll be doing some DIY posts soon as well!

Happy blogging! 

Three Days of Infusion Therapy...

Hello lovely! Welcome to my blog, I hope you've had a great day! Today I wanted to share with you what has happened in the last three days in regards to my chronic headache journey. If you didn't already know, I was diagnosed with something called New Daily Persistent Headache not too long ago, though I've had this since July last year. You can read all about that here (this post is before I got a professional diagnosis even though I knew NDPH is what I had). I've also written a post after finally being diagnosed here. NDPH is not like a daily headache that reoccurs. It just never ends. That's why I can't write down when the headache starts and ends because it started once (in July) and is yet to end. Anyways, the two posts that I've linked delve deeper into the details of living with New Persistent Headache so if you're interested in reading about the condition I would love it if you had a read. 

Just to recap really briefly, I have had several scans and tests including MRI's with and without Gadolinium Contrast Medium (a dye injection to see more clearly) with all results coming back clear. I've tried a LONG list of medications with absolutely no affect, they didn't even take the top of the pain off. Just to clear this question up (I've been asked quite a few times so just thought I would mention) pain killers do not touch the headache even though they help with other pain. I've tried acupuncture, massages and diet changes with no affect. I've also gone months without any medication to see if it happened to be a cluster headache (even though the symptoms didn't exactly match the cluster headache criteria.)

I've seen many doctors and specialists who either haven't listened to me, didn't believe me, or gave up on me after they ran out of suggestions. They refused to acknowledge my suggestion about NDPH as they had never heard of it and didn't think it was a real thing. IT IS A REAL THING! Also just another thing I want to point out is that this is an immune based headache. 

Because I was being thrown around between different doctors and getting no where, mum and I took it upon ourselves and not long ago we contacted that neurologist in Melbourne who is a leading headache expert in Australia and he is the first person to know what I am talking about. It was after this that we found out we had an appointment with the neurologist here so after a little more mucking around from doctors we FINALLY saw the neurologist on Wednesday. Mum asked that the two neurologists communicate and they did. The neurologist here decided to try infusion therapy, which I was all up for. I forgot the medical terminology and medication names but it basically meant I would spend three days in hospital with three rounds of infusions. Now if I'm honest the idea of tubes and needles really freak me out. So having that cannula in my arm for three days was not something I could forget about. 


I was admitted on Thursday morning and got my cannula put in a little bit later. That was not the most pleasant feeling especially because I just really hate that kind of stuff. I'll obviously skip over all that paper work stuff because it's boring and go straight to when I began my first round of infusions later that day. The machine was quite loud but it didn't bother that much. I got a little drowsy from it but it didn't affect me as much as it was supposed to. My mum and sister left before I finished the infusion, I thought I would be lonely the nurses were so lovely and I had several friends messaging me good luck! The first night was difficult to sleep because I couldn't forget about the tube in my arm and the lady in the next room (divided my curtains) was breathing so incredibly loud. Other than that and being woken up for check ups every four hours, it wasn't so bad. 


The second day I woke up to some weird breakfast. I had porridge but I swear it was soaked and blended popcorn! I had a shower (I was so glad that I could shower, out of everything my biggest worry was honestly not being able to shower! Maybe it wasn't my biggest worry but it was definitely up there!) Soon afterwards the neurologist popped in to see me and he said I was very resilient to treatment. He then discussed how the treatment would go including the medications when I leave the hospital. 

Then a few hours later we started round two of infusions. This one hit me harder and I was basically knocked out. I woke up to mum in my room and that was so nice seeing as I was alone before. The second day was also the day I started on my new cocktail of medications. Seriously, the list is so long that the neurologist here was a bit apprehensive of giving it to me (the neurologist in Melbourne is the one who gave this combination as he has had good success with it for this very specific headache. Because this is considered to be one of the most treatment refractory headache conditions we needed a much more aggressive approach). I got fairly nauseas after these medications so I was in bed pretty much all day. 

Later that night one of the doctors who was checking up on me noticed something off with my pupils. There were several doctors who came in to double check and that made me a little nervous. They then told me that they would be checking up on me every hour instead of every four hours so I wished myself good luck with sleep that night! And let me tell you how darn bright that torch light is when they shine it in your eyes at night. The next morning they told me that my eyes were dilating as they were supposed to but one was larger than the other. It's all normal now though so nothing to worry about. 


Day three breakfast was better! :D 
I actually felt like I slept better than I usually do. This morning was pretty much the same as the other two. Continuous checkups, nurses chatting to me sometimes and then the medications. The third round of infusions happened earlier than the previous two, which meant I would be able to go home sooner than I thought! Again, I got very drowsy. Soon my most feared part would be coming up. Taking out the cannula! I was nervous. It actually didn't hurt at all though, the worst part was the tape. Then I was on my way home to wash my hair (best feeling ever) and sleep, but I ended up falling asleep first.

So that's what happened in the last three days! Now the actual worst part is that the infusion therapy didn't affect on my headache either. So I've got my hopes on this combination! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and keeping up with this headache journey (not really sure what to call it).

Essence Matt Touch Blush 'Berry Me Up!'

Hello lovely! Today I wanted to write about the Essence Matt Touch Blush in the shade 'Berry Me Up!' I purchased this a few months ago at Priceline for approximately $5, a very affordable price just like the rest of Essence's products. I personally quite like most of the Essence products even though they can look like a child's makeup line. The quality isn't high-end as such, but for the price you can't go wrong. Anyways, back to the blush. I've never really been a blush person as my cheeks are already very pink, even after putting on foundation my cheeks still peek through. I decided to try this one out because it is both matt and affordable. 

To start off, the packaging isn't impeccable, but it keeps together and that's all I need. It 
opens and closes (with a click) so I wouldn't be worried about the product openingmand getting everywhere (if you were to put it in a bag). On the back of the packaging the name of the colour is clearly started and I always like it when they have fun names!

Now onto the actual blush. The colour is a cool berry pink shade (it may look slightly warmer in the photos). Formula wise, the blush is smooth and lovely to apply. It doesn't look overbearing but is still visible. Obviously you can build up the colour to however much you desire, I personally prefer a subtle blush and I can easily achieve that with this product. 

I can't say exactly how long this blush lasts throughout the day because after a few hours my natural pink cheeks have become more prominent so I cannot tell when the blush actually disappears. It definitely lasts a few hours though without primer or setting spray.

Overall, I'm very happy with this blush and will continue to use it. I only have one other blush at the moment and it is another Essence blush from a different line. I do however prefer this one as it is matt and the other one has a slight sparkly sheen (which is nice too). 

I hope you liked this post and enjoy the rest of your day!